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The Journey of Transformation

A few months ago I made a decision, a similar decision to one that my clients make. I decided I needed some help with something I was struggling with. I signed up with a Body Composition Coach to help me reach my health and fitness goals. 'What is this?' you may ask - good question! My coach helps me with all things relating to my nutrition, training and mindset around my health, weight and well-being. Each week I send in progress photos, and body measurements, as well as checking in on what I succeeded in, what I struggled with.

I have now been working with my coach Simon for 15 weeks, and I am only just scraping the surface. However, already this has been a far more eye opening and challenging journey than I anticipated, and on so many different levels.

For this reason I have decided to write a series of blogs about my journey and the different stages of emotional and mental development along the way. Some of which I have already passed, and others which I will encounter as I continue. I feel my journey of transformation, both mentally and physically is one a lot of people out there can relate to. This is not just about weight loss, this is about setting a goal, finding yourself and going after what you want. And all of the hurdles you meet along the way! A little like the image, it has, so far, definitely not been a straight road! There have been periods of smooth sailing, and others with unexpected twists and turns!

Each week I will check in not only with Simon, but with you, my followers, about my most recent discovery or transformation. And hopefully the lessons I learn through my journey will help you all along in whatever journey of growth or transformation you are taking yourselves.

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