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One small step...

I like to think that I am pretty fit and healthy. Over the last 7 years I have been periodically working with personal trainers and nutritionists, and in between that fairly consistently working out. I eat pretty well, always home cooking and choosing lots of veg. However I have always felt like I wasn't quite where I wanted to be physically, both in my shape and size, but fitness levels too. For 7 years this feeling went on. Every now and then I'd get a little push, the boost I needed to book in for a personal training session, or go and see a dietitian, but the feeling remained.

So what was different this time? What made me make a decision - a big decision, a decision that would mean some serious commitment and life changes? Why did I decide to go the whole hog, and have someone dictate my calories, macros and training schedule, and not just decide to hit the gym a bit harder? This, ultimately, all comes down to motivation.

Now, motivation is an interesting one, and for everyone it is different. But ultimately it comes down to one very important point, that the need to change is greater than the desire to stay the same. For the last 7 years for me, they have been about on par. I have wanted some change, but also been pretty comfy where I was. Hence why I put in some effort, kept up some exercise and ate well, but never really 100% committed to changing my eating and exercise habits. But one day, the need to change overtook the comfort of staying.

Your motivation could be anything, and will be relevant to your goal. Remember, this is not just about weight loss. For me, my goal was to get as fit and healthy as I could, and my motivator was to feel at home in my body. I want to be the very best version of me, both physically and mentally. Thanks to hypnotherapy, I feel there mentally, but not quite physically! Your goal may be to feel less anxious, to be more present, to procrastinate less and be more proactive. Whatever the goal is, whatever the motivator is, the decision is still the same. At some point the scales tip the other way inside your head and says 'now is the time to change.'

So, why is that having made that decision we often don't follow through with it? Simple, the need to change wasn't great enough. Take for example weight loss, a goal of 'I want to wear a size 8' has a different emotional weight to 'I need to be healthy to live longer for my children.' If you are struggling to commit to a decision for change in your life, maybe it is time to consider your motivators. Ask yourself a few questions:

Why do I need to change? Why is it a problem if I stay the same? If I change, what will be different? How will that be a good thing?

Find your motivator, and not only will the decision come easier, but sticking to it will too!

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